Our team

At the office, Happy Gecko is made up of Rachel, who does most customer service, production, and coordinating. This includes shirt, sticker and art creation.

At shows, we have a multitude of volunteers who travel long distances to be part of our team! Hannah and Mark, Izik, Jessica, Alexis and Seraphina are a few of our regular volunteers!

Our History

Happy Gecko started out as a tiny little business that produced and sold stickers in late 2014. The small Etsy shop grew and evolved, and is now a fully-running apparel creator with personal art, as well as custom apparel for other artists, small businesses, and reptile enthusiasts! T-shirts started on half a table in 2018 and quickly jumped to an entire endcap by 2019.


Happy Gecko has always been a proud supporter of USARK. We need more of your support! USARK fights legislation that hinders or takes away any rights of reptile keepers in the United States of America. Phil Goss is the head of this organization, and continues to keep reptiles in our homes.
As reptile keepers, our rights are at stake! Keep up to date and donate to fight sneaky laws designed to shoot down our hobby.